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GOING TO BE ‘FIT AT 50…well 53 actually’

I remember in my 20s and 30s all I had to do if I saw a bit of a tummy coming, was skip a couple of meals for a day and BOOM right back to flat….not so much in my 40s ….and a big fail with that idea in my 50s…l said I was getting in shape for my 50th birthday…I sort of did…well not actually…..I think I may have lied!!!  Prior to my 50th, I started taking classes at my local community centre, dabbled in dieting, but really didn’t get to where I wanted to be – do I want to have my 20-body back – YES…but I’m not greedy so I will be happy with just not having to constantly monitor what food I shove in my face.  I hate diets, I hate everything about diets!!

My Mum used to do a Beet and Cottage Cheese diet, and she tried a Eat Tuna ‘Til you Puke diet…I’ve tried the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Can’t Eat any Dairy, Fruit or Carb diet….well this is what I have learned…THEY DON’T WORK – not unless you want to stay on the Beet and Cottage Cheese diet forever – Nope not me!! 

So if I don’t want to diet, then what???  Well, unfortunately the only alternative is that dreaded thing called EXERCISE….actually I don’t dread it because several good things come out of it – #1  I know I lost my arm flab aka “angel wings” when I first started with Curves (oh yah I forgot I religiously went to Curves…I actually got the “I’ve been to Curves 500 times” t-shirt) #2 I think there must be some scientific evidence about exercise and elevated dopamine levels ‘cuz I really do feel better after I do some cardio and #3 and this is the best…..the more I exercise, the less I have to worry about what I eat…and for me, that really is my ultimate goal.  I hate having that nagging voice in my head all day saying “you really shouldn’t have that”…”really?? You are going to eat that”. 

So starting TODAY, I’m going to get back on the treadmill, rowing machine and some sort of weight regime – MY GOAL – to lose my belly flab and get to the point where I can eat whatever the heck I want to (okay within reason I suppose). 

I challenge my sister (and anyone else who wants to join) to make 2015 the year we get into shape and get to the point where we don’t look good FOR our age…we just look good!!!!

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