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I often wish that I could find some of the “oldy goldy” products that we used to have in the 60s, 70s, and 80s….does anyone remember these? Oh my gosh just looking for pictures of some of the retro candy brought back such great memories…I WANT A MALTED MILK!!! and I can still remember what Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific smells like….I’d love to hear about other products from the decades that you remember….

bazooka retro gum

candy cigarettes












retro soft drink

Gini  sodaBeep retro drink

Body on Tap shampooPrell shampoo



Lemon Up shampoo





Here’s a suggestion from a reader….drink from the 90s in Canada:


Orbitz, retro drink






And another one from a reader…oh my gosh I remember collecting these and sending away for something…can’t remember what it was, but at the time, it was a “I HAVE TO GET IT MUM”…

Lik-m-aid, retro candy






I found   Candy Warehouse  and Groovy Candies that sell lots of different old fashioned candy. Plus Vermont Country Store has lots of classic products that can be ordered online.

Comments on: "RETRO CANDY and PRODUCTS!" (18)

  1. I know all of these. Fun!

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  2. OMG – I have a picture of me and my friends somewhere and we’re all holding those cigarettes!! I remember all these products!

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    • Thanks for the comment….those were the good ol’ days where people didn’t people that just because we “smoked” popeye cigarettes it was going to force us into lung cancer behaviour!!!

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  3. I remember those candy cigarettes well – Man, I thought I was cool! …Looking back, quite the opposite! Hehe

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  4. Maybe not at wayyy back as your examples , but!!!!! I remember a drink with candy in it called ORBITZ from the 90s ahh the gold ole days !

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  5. I remember my Grandma had a jar of chicken fat in the refrigerator. That was the original Crisco for cooking. She took the fat from a chicken she bought at the butcher. I remember we went to the butcher and saw chickens hanging upside down by hooks. Their heads had been removed. She would squeeze the neck. If blood came out the chicken was good to buy as it was fresh. No blood meant old and therefore could be negotiated with the butcher for a cheaper price.

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    • Ohhhh that is too funny! You just reminded me of the can of Bacon Drippings that we always had on the Mum added it to everything that she fried…she even made fried bread of which my sister loved…I hated it….

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