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Birth of our Flag  – February 15, 1965

Canadian Flag







Webster’s definition of flag is “usually a rectangular piece of fabric of distinctive design that is used as a symbol (as of a nation)”….well that just does NOT do it justice.   Speaks nothing to the emotions behind the flag;   we see it being raised on special occasions and our hearts burst with pride,  draping a coffin or flying at half mast our hearts heavy,  or simply flying in the wind as a symbol of all that is good in our nation.

I was  born in 1962; the red and white flag with the maple leaf is the only flag I’ve ever known.  I knew that the Royal Union Flag, the “Union Jack” was associated to Canada, but I was unaware that Canada had a long history of flags, and the debate over a new flag was complicated, acrimonious and long standing.

There were many flags associated to Canada’s history.  You can read the complete history of the Canadian Flag in wikipedia here:

Flags used in Canada from 1497–present

Our flag – nation’s symbol,  etched in history, flown with pride, recognized by all…Oh Canada, our home and native land…the true north strong and free…

Comments on: "CANADIAN FLAG…Happy 50th Birthday" (7)

  1. I had no idea that they Canadian flag in it’s current form was only 50 years old! Thanks for the info! And it makes me kind of sad that Canadians don’t like to be mistaken for Americans… I’m not saying that it’s not a valid – just makes me sad.

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    • Yes I agree it is sad…not sure if it’s we don’t like to be mistaken for Americans specifically, just want to be recognized for our own Country and sometimes Canada gets “lumped” into everything with the States…


      • And maybe it’s because it looks like the inmates have taken over the asylum in the US… I’m very sheepish when I travel abroad because I never know how my nationality will be received. We have become a very dysfunctional nation politically, economically and socially… It pains me because there are so many wonderful things about the US that have totally gotten overshadowed by the crazies, extremists and oligarchs. 😦

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  2. I like the Fleur de Lis on the blue flags but the Canadian flags are all so beautiful. You demonstrate and illustrate a fine example of Canada, friend!

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  3. So much fun to meet fellow Canadians on the road. We always make sure we put up our flag. Thanks for the follow.

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    • That is so true…I was in New Zealand and the one thing everyone said was how nice Canadians are and the other thing was “and we don’t like being mistaken for Americans”….how true is that.
      For me it is the Flag that gives me the sense of OMG I love my country…such a sense of pride with being away from home and then coming home and realizing WOW I’m glad to be home in Canada.


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