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CANADIAN FLAG…Happy 50th Birthday

Birth of our Flag  – February 15, 1965

Canadian Flag







Webster’s definition of flag is “usually a rectangular piece of fabric of distinctive design that is used as a symbol (as of a nation)”….well that just does NOT do it justice.   Speaks nothing to the emotions behind the flag;   we see it being raised on special occasions and our hearts burst with pride,  draping a coffin or flying at half mast our hearts heavy,  or simply flying in the wind as a symbol of all that is good in our nation.

I was  born in 1962; the red and white flag with the maple leaf is the only flag I’ve ever known.  I knew that the Royal Union Flag, the “Union Jack” was associated to Canada, but I was unaware that Canada had a long history of flags, and the debate over a new flag was complicated, acrimonious and long standing.


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