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New On-Line Dating Site – What’s Your Price and Check out your BF on Don’t Date Him Girl:

Because I’m new to the world of blogging, ideas are bouncing around in my head. I really couldn’t decide on a topic today UNTIL I was watching the Ellen show. She discussed this dating site called What’s Your Price.  (Click on the link to go to the site)

They advertise their site as a market for buying and selling dates.

I haven’t heard about this type of dating site before – I’m not sure if the dates are limited to people in the United States or if it’s available in Canada.

They have an awesome blog on the site with all kinds of dating and relationship tips  – go to What’s Your Price Blog

Check it out!

…. obviously I had a very lazy afternoon because I continued on the  “couch potato theme”  and watched Steve Harvey where he had the founder of another interesting site called Don’t Date Him Girl  (as of February 14th this site was not operational).  This site is presented as a website where women and men (although I couldn’t find too many postings from men) can check out and/or post about cheating partners.  Apparently “the cheater” has an opportunity to refute the claim on line as well.  It has a search box to submit a name as well as a ‘post your thoughts’ area.

I’ll let you weigh in on these sites – I’m not too sure how I feel about them.




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