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If we were supposed to fly, we would have wings

I have a fear of flying, but I really really want to see the world – therein lies my dilemma.  I’m not sure why I am so frightened; although, my sister thinks she knows – apparently she thinks I am a control freak and that I don’t like giving up control to someone.  Honestly, I think that even if I were flying the plane myself or sitting up in the cockpit, I would still be nervous – although I would definitely feel better knowing that the pilot isn’t sleeping, drinking or playing video games!!!!  I could gently nudge him every so often to make sure he is awake.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t done it enough?? I have only flown 4 times (and I’m 53) – once to British Columbia when I was 18 and too young to be frightened; the next time was 28 years later (see I really don’t like it!!)  to Halifax to see my arm-chair psychologist sister – I got the window seat on the advice of my youngest son – ohhhh boy that was a really bad idea.  You see I always said that I could deal with it if the plane just exploded (well not really okay with it, but it would be quick)….as I’m sitting in my window seat, my mind is saying “Holy Crap I


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