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8 First Date Tips

With Valentine’s Day coming up, here are 8 First Date Tips for Women that I found on the Cosmo site:

Be Decisive – Guys should have a couple of options for the first date and girls – avoid that awkward back and forth talk  “I don’t know, what do you want to do” or “its up to you”  by picking one of his ideas!

Dress for the Activity – Try to resist the thought ‘First Date’ OMG I need to look amazing!  Can’t show up to a sports bar in a LBD or you both will be uncomfortable – Guys – shower, change your shirt (and clean out your car if you are picking your lady up!!!)

Eat Like a Normal Person – If you order the half salad and then only eat half, he’s not going to think you are hot and skinny.  He is going to think you have weird food issues. This would be a good time to remember all those table manners that your Mum drilled into your head.

Tell Him About Yourself – Don’t just bombard him with questions all night.  Tell him some funny stories (not crazy-weird stories).  Don’t and I repeat do not talk about exes!  No matter how hot your look, it will be the great conversation that you had that will make him want another date.  Guys – remember to ask your date about herself, keep your focus on her – NO CHECKING OUT THE OTHER GIRLS!

Be Honest – Say what you mean.  Girls sometimes have a tendency of expecting guys to read between the lines, then ending up disappointed when their date can’t read minds.

Handle The Bill Gracefully – When the bill comes, wait for him to make a move for it and when he does, reach for your purse and continue as if you are going to pay.  Two things can happen – either he will say “I’ve got it” (and then you say ‘thanks’ and drop it)  OR he won’t say anything and you will split the bill. Guys – just pay the damn bill!!!

Don’t Have Sex Well you can have sex – but don’t expect it to turn into a relationship afterwards.

Wait for Him to Get in Touch After the Date –  Is it fair – NO!  But please please resist that urge to text him JUST to tell him how much fun you had.  Let him reach out to you.  If he enjoyed the date, be confident that you will hear from him. Guys – forget that 3 day rule  – if you had a nice time and would like another date, tell her!!!

For the full article with pics go to Cosmo  here

I think these are great tips – had to laugh at the one about not texting him first and expecting guys to be mind readers!!  Many of these tips can work for men too!

What do you think?  Love to get some input from both sides.

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