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I thought that with school back in, I would repost this one…The thing is we should teach out children, but more and more I see parents being stupid..yes I say stupid…really stupid….just watching for the “GO” signal and then whoosh…right off the sidewalk we go!!!  Not even a glance to see if that car – you know the one that can kill you if it hits you – has stopped or even if the driver has seen you while he is texting, eating or even making a sandwich!!!  I just don’t get it people – stop texting while you are walking, take the damn music out of your ears and be alert as you walk around!!!  It is BOTH drivers and pedestrians that can stop the tragedy  that can happen when we just step off the curb without looking….


Look Both Ways!!

Cars are still bigger than us!!


I was stopped behind a school bus yesterday that had the arm out.  I watched as the wee ones and older ones filed out of the bus and walked right in front of me without even so much as a glance right and left.  Some of the parents of the younger ones were actually encouraging their children to run to them for the “after school hug”.  I said to myself – “so this is when it starts“.

It has always been a beef of mine when I see young children, teenagers and adults just stepping off of the sidewalk without a care in the world.  My parents drilled it into my head that “I don’t care if you have the right away – that car is still bigger than you”.  When did we stop teaching our children to look both ways before crossing the street?


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