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World Cancer Day 2015 – My Cancer IQ

World Cancer Day 2015 is February 4th


More information on World Cancer Day 2015 here

Cancer Care Ontario offers a questionnaire that assesses your risk for 4 types of cancer (Breast, Cervical, Colorectal and Lung)  click here

Prostate cancer touched my family when my Dad died from complications associated with it – the urologist told us that upwards of 75 percent of men die WITH prostate cancer not OF prostate cancer – – – men get checked!!!  I have a co-worker who was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer when he was less than 50 years old.  Fairly easy to diagnose – for comprehensive information regarding Prostate cancer click here and start naggin’ the men in your life!!!!


There was a young man in my community Adam Perry who died at 18 years of age from testicular cancer.  His mother, Cheryl founded Testicular Cancer Canada click for Adam’s story  and pertinent information on the importance of Checking your Balls!!!


Check your balls


Everyone has a story how cancer has touched our lives, the life of a friend,  or a loved one.  There are so many advances in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment but the first step is up to you………………………….

Please check out the links above and pass them on!  Make that doctor’s appointment NOW!!!



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